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Antoniterquartier – Bauen für die Kirche


Das erste Semester im Masterstudiengang Corporate Architecture ist nun schon beendet.

Projektentwurfsthema war es, ein neues „Antoniterquartier“ zu planen. Bauherr war die evangelische Kirche. In direkter Nähe zur Schildergasse, der meist frequentierten Einkaufsstraße Deutschlands, und rückseitig zur Antoniterkirche, direkt neben dem Weltstadthaus, sollte ein neues Areal entstehen, dass die Werte der Kirche verkörpert aber trotzdem Profit bringt.

Auf Gegensätze wie Kommerz und Kirche, Ruhe und Lärm, Fußgänger und Autos, Grün und Grau etc. sollte reagiert werden. Ein Raumprogramm zu finden, welches auf die Wünsche des Bauherrn reagiert, war ebenfalls Teil der Aufgabe. Vorgegeben war lediglich die Bereiche Bewirten, Beherbergen und Bilden abzudecken.









The ‚Antoniterkirche‘ (a church) is closed to the ‚Schildergasse‘ in Cologne. The ‚Schildergasse‘ is Germanys biggest shopping street. Behind this church is a clearly under-used area. A new building in this area should do justice to religious values on the one hand, and also the local parish needs money to support charitable projects. The three emoluments hospitality, accommodation and education should be fullfilled.

Next to the Antoniterkirche is another building. The ‚Weltstadthaus‘ was designed by Renzo Piano. It is a flowing, transparent and anatomical building. The contrast between the gothic pillar basilica and the ‚Antoniterkirche‘ is a big one. The two seperate buildings are not only different in visual and historic aspects. Even more important is their content level: The ‚Weltstadthaus‘ sums up for consumtion and commercial. While the ‚Antoniterkirche‘ epitomises the Christian values of the protestant church.

The new Antoniterquarter is supposed to be a kind of ‚Flagshipstore‘ for the protestant church. For the parish, art is an important aspect and is supposed to be more focused with a gallery. The range of uses are concentrated of adults‘ needs. Like that way the brand ‚Antoniterkirche‘ will be a reliable contact in every situation in life.

The ‚WHOLE-LIFE‘-concept is based on the ethics‘ and spirituality‘ principle. In this context, ethically correct behaviour is a good alternative for the daily life. The new architecture links the two solitary buildings, creates an inviting ‚quarter‘ and a floating gallery above the gallery.